Overview and Philosophy

Contextly helps publishers build loyal audiences by helping get the right stories to the right readers using recommendation algorithms. Think of it as engagement as a service. We do this by providing a number of services: 1. Recommendation modules that display at the end of a story or blog post 2. Recommendation sidebars that display in the body of a story or blog post 3. Contextly Reports that let writers and editors understand what content is resonating with their community All of our links are internal to our publishers. We believe that the best way to grow a loyal audience is to get them to read more of your content. We create recommendations and engagement experiences using machine learning (algorithms) paired with optional curation tools for writers. Our methods work for publishers of all sizes: from personal bloggers to company blogs to enterprise publishers. Our methods are also language-indepenedent, and we work with publishers writing in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian and more.