Why is Contextly better than other recommendation systems?

Contextly has a number of advantages over other content recommendation services, from ones that run on your own servers to other hosted services.

External - Our recommendations are created and served from our robust set of servers and content delivery networks. That means the hard work of computing recommendations is done on our servers, not yours. 

Control - WordPress and Drupal users have easy-to-use controls to choose related links when or if they want to. We also provide lots of easy and advanced ways to tweak the displays.

High Quality Internal Links - All of our links go to your own content, and our proprietary method of determining what's related, popular, evergreen and personalized means every reader gets a great experience.

International - Our recommendation technology works in a wide range of languages, from English to Spanish to Dutch to Arabic.

Great Related Links - Contextly goes beyond using just categories or tags (though we love those!), and finds semantically important terms in stories to create the best related links of any service. 

Popular, Personalized and Evergreen - Not all readers want to dive deeply into a story, and your site has lots of great content they might want to also read. So we complement Related recommendations with Popular, Personalized and Evergreen posts. Evergreen posts are "oldies, but goodies" that are still giving value to readers.

Deep but Easy to Understand Reports - Contextly Reports give you the data you need, in easy to read reports, that help you know what's happening on your site AND what kinds of content is resonating with your readers. These include metrics like the size of your core audience, how many of those are returning, and how deeply readers scroll down individual articles. 


Privacy - Unlike many "free" recommendation services, Contextly does not include third-party tracking pixels on your site and we do not harvest user-data in order to sell advertising to them. We use cookies to provide great experiences to readers and great data to publishers, while still respecting readers' privacy.

Promotional Links - We provide easy tools to set up recommendations to things that matter to publishers or businesses, so that readers can easily learn about white papers, upcoming conferences or email newsletters.

Simple to Install - Getting started should be easy. Our WordPress installation doesn't require any technical skills, and takes about 10 minutes, using our walkthrough. Drupal takes a bit more time than that, but not much.

We also make it very simple for sites on custom or proprietary CMSes to install. It's usually just a couple of JavaScript files.  

Powerful Customizations for Enterprise - If you are an Enterprise customer with special requirements (e.g. products sold on another website or special display requirements), we'll work with you to build a great solution.


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