What is Contextly's mission?

Contextly's mission is to help publishers of all sizes build and grow a loyal audience.

We do this through a set of engagement tools that include content recommendation modules at the end of stories, sidebar modules inside stories, and Contextly Reports that help publishers understand what stories are resonating with their readers.

We believe that the key to growing an audience is to give them a great experience on our publishers' sites, by giving them ways to dive deeply into a subject and to explore all of a site's great content.

Unlike most "content recommendation" companies, Contextly does *not* include misleading advertising, nor does it secretly include third-party trackers.

Contextly was co-founded by a longtime Wired editor, Ryan Singel, and an experienced data scientist, Ben Autrey. Their complementary skills help Contexty build engagement services that are good for readers, writers and publishers.

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