How can I turn off or turn on Contextly Analytics scripts on the homepage, tag and category pages?

Contextly collects site visit data on users visiting your site's homepage and tag and category pages. This data collection is intended to help you understand where your traffic is coming from and make more-informed decisions about what's working and what to do more of.

(As a note, this data collection, like our data collection on posts and articles, does not use cookies, and is compliant with both GDPR and CCPA, since we have no user identifiable data).

We include data about these visits in the daily, weekly and monthly reports we send out.


However, if you would prefer not to have Contextly scripts running on these pages, you can turn these off in WordPress in the WordPress Control Panel for Contextly. (NOTE: This is not the Contextly Control panel you get to with the Big Settings Button). 

Just go to WP->Settings->Contextly ->Advanced.

Then toggle on or off the Homepage, Tag, Category button. This will remove the scripts from loading on those pages.


If you are using a CMS other than WordPress, these scripts do not run by default. If you want them to run on these pages, you will need to modify the template files for those pages to include our scripts. This is pretty simple. Just email us at support @ thiscompanyname .com and we'll get you sorted out.



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