How do I refresh Contextly recommendations?

If you have:

1) deleted or removed a post, story or other content from your site

2) changed a default image or the title of a story

and you are not seeing those changes reflected in Contextly's recommendations, you can have Contextly re-spider your site or individual urls.


A: To respider the entire site:

Navigate to the Control Panel (In WordPress, that's WP>Settings>Contextly>Big Settings Button).

Look for the Content tab and choose Refresh. Then press the red Refresh Everything button.


Note that this will *not* get rid of any posts that you have manually chosen to show up in the Main Module or in a Sidebar.


B) To Update a Single Post:

If there's just a single post or just a few posts you made changes to, you can simply enter the url into the Refresh One Post box on the same page.


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