How do I add the Siderail to my site?

WORDPRESS: To add a Contextly Siderail module in Contextly, first turn on the Siderail in the Contextly control panel.

In WordPress, go to Settings->Contextly->Big Settings Button->Siderail.

Once you have turned that on and adjusted the settings, go back to WordPress.

Look for Appearance->Widgets.

Then drag the Contextly Siderail widget into the WordPress sidebar module on the right side.

That's it.

If you are working with a custom theme, there is a shortcode that overrides the default placement. The shortcode is [contextly_siderail].


First turn on the Siderail in the Contextly control panel.

Second, use <div class="ctx-siderail-container"></div> to place the Siderail module.

That's it.



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    Mark Reyes

    How could you publish multiple Siderail widgets which display different content on a post (e.g. Related Posts, Popular Products, Related Products)?