What is the Explore section and why should I use it?

Readers show up at your site with multiple objectives - some are in research mode, while others are just looking to learn or be entertained.

The Explore section lets readers see the breadth of your publication, not just what's related to the current post.

This section is created algorithmically using three strategies:

1) Popular: We look at what's popular over the last 30 days, while giving more recent popular posts a boost.

2) Evergreen: We algorithmically identify which of your older content is still engaging your audience and keep them re-circulating.

These can be posts from two weeks to years old. We'll also identify seasonal stories - like how-to make a Halloween costume - and surface those to readers ahead of the holiday. These take a few weeks to a month to become visible to our system after you install.

3) Personalization: We use cookies to see what readers have read before and when a reader returns, we surface stories related to ones they've seen before.

Combining Explore with Related is the most powerful way to engage your audience - showing off both your site's depth and breadth.





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