What are auto-sidebars?

Auto-sidebars are an advanced Contextly feature and are off by default.

Auto-sidebars are meant for sites that want to have sidebars added to every new story, without editors or writers having to create the sidebar.

When turned on, a shortcode automatically shows up in the writing interface when writers begin a new post.

This can be confusing to writers who don't know what it is or why it is there.


The shortcode can be moved around to place it where the author wants it.

Then when the story is published, Contextly will fill the auto-sidebar with related stories.

You can turn on this feature in the control panel and control how many related items are shown. You can also choose the image and text sizes of the auto-sidebar items.

To edit an autosidebar to choose the content you want in it, simply highlight the sidebar shortcode and press the Sidebar button.

As a note, the related posts in the auto-sidebar will also show up in the main module.

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