Are there hooks in Contextly's JavaScript code?

Contextly triggers the following events on the window object:
* contextlyWidgetsLoaded
* contextlyWidgetsFailed
* contextlyWidgetsDisplayed

We also trigger the following events for each rendered module:
* contextlyWidgetDisplayed
Arguments for this specific event are:
* Event object
* Widget type: 'snippet', 'sidebar', 'auto-sidebar' or 'storyline-subscribe'
* Widget class instance

For example, to catch a moment right after widgets HTML is injected into the page, you could use the following code:
$(window).bind('contextlyWidgetsDisplayed', function() {
// Custom code here

Note: There is only one caveat about these events. Modules may rendered without the CSS loaded and then appear differently after the CSS is loaded. This problem will be resolved soon.

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