Can I customize what the display looks like?

Of course.

We have a number of ways for you to customize what the display looks like. These include both point-and-click tools, and full CSS control for those more advanced.


In the Contextly Control panel, there are a number of point-and-click tools you can use to choose what the display looks like.

1. Choose the basic display type: square images with text on the image, square images with text underneath, rectangle images with text underneath, or text display.

2. Choose what sections you want to display and what the titles are.

3. Choose the fonts, sizes and colors.

CSS controls:

You can download Contextly's CSS file from the Control Panel under the Module tab.

If you just want to make small changes, you can add CSS into the box in the control panel. This will override our main CSS file.

If you prefer something more comprehensive, you may override Contextly's CSS in your own main CSS file.




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