How to connect your Ghost site to Contextly

The first step in connecting your Ghost site to Contextly is creating and then sharing an API key from your Ghost site to Contextly.

This allows Contextly to learn all your content, know when there are changes, and keep recommendations up to date.


This is a very simple process.

1. First, go to and look for the Sign Up link 

2. Provide the url for your Ghost site and a working email address (this is where we send performance reports)

3. Follow the prompts to create a new Integration in Ghost.

4. Copy and paste the Admin Key and the API URL into Contextly.

5. Press Save.

Contextly will then learn your posts and set up a way to be notified any time you add, delete or edit a post.

You will then need to do two more things: 1) add Contextly Scripts to your Footer and Header in Ghost and 2) slightly modify your theme to indicate where Contextly's main module should display.


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