Crawling Your Content

Once you have installed Contextly, you will be prompted to go through a short walkthrough. At the end of that you will get a secret API key. Once this is installed, our system will start to learn all of the content from your site.

We'll start to show recommendations in about 90 minutes - but these are NOT from our main recommendation system. We know people don't like to wait so we start fast, but better things come to those who wait.

The main recommendation system requires that we know all of the posts from a site, and that takes a little more time.

We do this through a web crawler and also from visitors visiting your posts.

Depending on how many posts you have, this can take from 4 hours to 12 hours.

Once the crawler is done, the main (and very smart) recommendation system will take over. As it learns more about how readers interact with the content, that system will get smarter.

For instance, it will start to identify which of your stories are popular -- and even which of your old stories are "evergreen" and show them off in the recommendations.

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